Composite Decking

Fiberon composite deck boards provide a maintenance free alternative to traditional wooden decking while still maintaining all the warmth and appeal of natural wood. With multi-tonal and embossed boards, Fiberon separates itself from the rest of the market and offers an industry leading 25 year stain, fade, and appearance warranty.


Made from locally-sourced recycled plastic, lumber mill scraps and other materials, offering a variety of wood grain patterns.

Fiberon products prevent more than 70,000 tons of plastic ending up in landfills each year. Using composite deck boards prevents further deforestation.

Does not contain the toxic chemicals often found in pressure-treated lumber.

Maintenance Free Decking

Never needs sanding, staining, or painting, just an occasional soap and water cleaning.

Costs Less

Maintaining a composite deck will cost around $5-$15 annually.


Wood-plastic composite decks will not splinter, split, crack, or rot.


Good Life

Warranty: 25 Years or Lifetime

Material Overview: Fiberon is a “capped composite”. It has an outer polymeric cap that is fused onto and around the wood/plastic (made from recycled plastics and lumber mill scraps) core material. This capping contains UV inhibitors, anti-oxidants, and mold inhibitors to resist staining and fading.

Product Lines:

  • Good Life – 3 sided board with notched underside to help keep prices closer to wood
  • ProTect Advantage – capped on 3 sides, has a look comparable to hardwoods
  • Horizon – capped on 4 sides, has a look comparable to exotic woods
  • Symmetry – capped on all 4 sides, matte finish with no discernible repetition in the grain pattern
  • Paramount PVC – ideal for water applications as there is no organic content. Has a high slip resistance while either wet or dry. Limited lifetime warranty

Board sizing:

  • Grooved boards – 12’, 16’, and 20’ lengths
  • Square edge boards – 20’ lengths
  • Fascia boards – 12’ lengths
  • Riser boards – 12’ lengths

Installation Method: Depending on the product line, Fiberon is installed with a combination of hidden fasteners and surface screws that come with a colour matched plug to minimize their appearance on either 12” or 16” on centre joist spacing.

Installation Options: Available for both Supply Only and Supply and Install

Maintenance: Wash the deck at least twice per year and perform an annual inspection to ensure everything remains in good condition.

For more information on Fiberon products, please visit: or our showroom.
Why don’t I see a repeating pattern on Symmetry boards like I do with some other decking?

Symmetry Decking is manufactured to have more random, natural graining than you’ll find with other deck boards. There are no visible repeats or easy-to-discern patterns. 

How do I clean Symmetry Decking?

For general cleaning, use soap and water or mild household cleaners.

How much ventilation is required under a deck?

It is very important that there be adequate and unobstructed air flow under the deck to prevent excessive water absorption. Improve drainage or grade flat areas where standing water may gather. For decks with limited ventilation, six inches of clear ventilation is required.

What if my decking gets scratched?

In the same way that wood decking materials can get marred or gouged, the surface of composite decking can also be scratched. Horizon Decking and ProTect Advantage are the Fiberon products most resistant to scratches. If scratches do occur, we recommend allowing normal wear marks to disappear gradually.