Whether you are trying to expand your seasonal living space, reduce the temperature on your deck, or reduce the fading effect of UV light on interior finishes, MacDonald Awnings offers a wide variety of fixed or retractable awning products to meet every need. You no longer have to choose between aesthetics and functionality to achieve the space of your dreams!

Macdonald Awnings

Use through rain or shine. Custom awnings comes in any shape, colour, and size to enhance your home. With newer acrylic fabrics, and 300 colours to match the brick, and patio furniture of your house.


Warranty: 5 or 10 year manufacturer warranty
10 year fabric warranty
1 year installation warranty
Projection: 6’7”, 8’2”, 9’10”, 11’6”, 13’1”
Width: 8’ – 23’

Erhardt Markisen S Awning:

  • Elbow is durable dual aircraft cables covered in UV resistant PVC for the 6’7”, 8’2”, 9’10” projections.
  • Elbow is stainless steel chain at the elbow for 11’6” and 13’1” projections.


Erhardt Markisen BS Awning:

  • Extruded aluminum folding arm with 2 or 3 springs provides great stability and is optimal for fabric tension.
  • Stainless steel flyer chain guarantees stability and strength.
  • The shoulder bracket features a safety locking mechanism with a fully adjustable pitch


Erhardt Markisen BSL Awning:
  • The folding arms overlap without touching. This unique feature gives optimal shading by allowing maximum awning projection in applications where a small width is available.
  • The shoulder bracket features a safety locking mechanism with a fully adjustable pitch.


All awnings use Sunbrella fabric which is 100% acrylic, water repellant, rot, mould, and mildew resistant, 98-99% UV resistant, and easy to care for.

For more information on MacDonald Awnings, please visit: or our showroom.

Mounting Options: Rafter, Ceiling, Wall
Motorization options are available using Somfy motors
Hood Cover to protect from the elements
Wind Sensor or Hold Down Poles
Vario Valance – drops up to 5’ to shield users from the low sun

What happens when the wind picks up and my awning is extended?

If you live in Saskatchewan, you know what it is like to go from no wind to 50km gusts in an instant.  In order to cope with this, we have 3 different options:

1.  Manual/Motorized Retraction – simply put, you would need to go out and retract your awning to prevent any damage.

2.  Hold Down Poles – these are poles that connect into the outside edge of the awning front and fasten to a location on your deck.  They serve to hold the awning a more stable if the winds kick up.

3.  Wind Sensor – This is a sensor that can be mounted on the outside edge of the awning and when it senses that the wind is too strong, it will retract the awning.  Please note that this option is only available to motorized awnings.

What is the minimum spacing that you need between the top of a window and the soffits in order to wall mount?

In order to wall mount an awning over a window, it really depends on the size and style of awning as these can vary. A minimum of 12″ is typically sufficient for most awning types but that can change to as much as 16″. Most times, it is a case by case situation as to whether we can mount in tighter spaces.

Can I add a motor later if I decide I want one?

It can be done but we do advise that you make the decision to add a motor prior to ordering your awning. In order to add it after, the awning must be uninstalled, returned to the supplier to be added, and then re-installed. This is both time consuming and costly, not to mention inconvenient to you.